To Catch a Killer (2023) DVD Cover

To Catch a Killer (2023) DVD Cover

To Catch a Killer (2023) DVD Cover. Eleanor (Shailene Woodley), a young police investigator, finds herself haunted by her past as she confronts the darkness within.

In a role reminiscent of Clarice Starling, she catches the attention of the FBI’s chief investigator (Ben Mendelsohn), who recruits her to assist in profiling and hunting down a deeply disturbed individual.

This perpetrator’s actions defy all expectations, constantly eluding the combined efforts of law enforcement. However, with her own troubled mind as her guide, Eleanor may hold the key to unraveling the assailant’s psyche and ensuring justice is served.

As a nationwide manhunt unfolds, the stakes grow higher, and Eleanor’s unique understanding becomes crucial in bringing the culprit to justice.

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