Sell us your covers

This is your chance to make some money with something you like to do. Covers.
We are buying your DVD and Blu-ray custom covers, since you observe some points:

1. Your custom cover must to have at least 3240x2175px with 300dpi for DVD covers and 3173×1762 with 300dpi for Blu-ray covers;
2. We DO NOT accept DISC LABELS or scanned covers;
3. Your work must to be original and have a minimum quality, such as all billing credits with all names spelling corrected;
4. It is necessary that the cover has a well elaborated design, obeying your release studio of the film or series, for example, if the film or series is released by Warner, you must use the most current template that exists, but if Warner produce the movie for Netflix or Hulu you can use your own custom template;
5. We do not accept dvd covers for movies collection (like Family Favorites: 10-Movie Collection);
6. For TV Series it’s only necessary one cover by season, no labels;
7. Only new movies and tv series will be allowed and revised, do not waste your time sending old covers, unless the product was launched less than 1 week ago on those sites that “we know very well”;

How this will really work, do I get paid?
Sure you will, but first you need to know some things:

1.The price for each cover is 0,20 dollars, in a month you can make some money instead making covers for sites who only think in they subscriptions and you get nothing;

2. If your cover was not approved you will not see it on the site;

3. If you try to upload someone else’s covers without permission, we will know, you will not get paid and this cover will never be displayed. We will try to reach the author;

4. For each approved cover, the payment will be sent in the act of approval;

5. DON’T MISS YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL, for now we are only paying through paypal. If this happened, send us an email [email protected]