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Redwood Massacre: Annihilation (2020)

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Redwood Massacre: Annihilation (2020) Comedy, Horror | 1h 44min | 20 October 2020 (USA) 3.7
Director: David Ryan KeithWriters: David Ryan KeithStars: Danielle Harris, Damien Puckler, Gary KasperSummary: Twenty years ago at the infamous Redwood Farm, the owner went mad and killed his family and himself. Shrouded in urban legend ever since, a stranger obsessed with the unsolved Redwood murders convinces a group of bereaved family members to venture into the wilderness in the hope of proving the existence of the notorious burlap bag-masked maniac. Their quest for truth sees a sinister turn of events, as the hunters become the hunted and a blood-soaked fight for survival ensues when they find that the sinister tales told of the axe-wielding psycho farmer are very real indeed. Written by Lorraine Keith


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