Boston Strangler (2023) DVD Cover

Boston Strangler (2023) DVD Cover

Boston Strangler (2023) DVD Cover. Loretta McLaughlin (played by Keira Knightley) is a determined reporter for the Record-American newspaper. She becomes the first journalist to connect a series of grisly murders known as the Boston Strangler case that occurred during the 1960s.

As the killer claims more victims, Loretta and her colleague Jean Cole (played by Carrie Coon) work together to continue their investigation.

However, they find themselves confronted with the rampant sexism of the era, with their male counterparts frequently belittling and undermining their work. Undeterred, McLaughlin and Cole push forward with their quest to uncover the truth, despite the personal risks involved.

As they delve deeper into the case, McLaughlin and Cole begin to uncover evidence that suggests a much larger conspiracy at play. With their lives on the line and time running out, they must race to piece together the clues before the killer strikes again, all while battling against the systemic sexism and misogyny that threatens to derail their investigation at every turn.


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