Upload Cover

This is the fastest way to users who are no way to pay for a PREMIUM plan get free access.

For each cover approved you will win 1 day access.

Follow this guidelines:


  1. Disc labels are not allowed;
  2. Your cover must to be your own design;
  3. Scans are allowed, but with good quality;
  4. For DVD covers the minimum size must be 3240x2175px;
  5. For Bluray overs the minimum size must be 3173x1762px;
  6. You need to have a CONTRIBUTOR status in order to upload covers, please send us an email [email protected] ;
  7. Once you get CONTRIBUTOR status the upload form will be available for you;
  8. Don’t waste your time sending janky covers with low resolution or cropped/stretched;
  9. Only covers made from the current month of the movie release will be accepted (no old covers);