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Tales from the Hood 3 (2020)

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Tales from the Hood 3 (2020) Horror | 102min | Video 6 October 2020 4.8
Director: Rusty Cundieff, Darin ScottWriter: Rusty Cundieff, Darin ScottStars: Patrick Abellard, Frederick Allen, Djouliet AmaraSummary: As William, a lumbering man in his 50s, and Brooklyn, a six-year-old child, try to outrun an unseen evil, Brooklyn decides to tell William four moralistic but deeply horrific stories to distract herself from the impending danger. The first story deals with a greedy real estate agent, David, who burns down an apartment to drive its last remaining tenants, The Bradford Family, out of their home. The second story concerns some frat boys who throw a white supremacist party, and the American Terrorist, Psycho Johnny, who puts a violent end to the party. The third story revolves around a struggling singer, Chela, and her rich employer, Miss Marie Bastille, who Chela wants to kill and use her money to further her career. The fourth story is about a petty thief who ends up killing one of his victims and becomes cursed in the aftermath of his sin. Written by lovejam


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