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Before your purchase, please read this.
Please register on the website before purchasing one of our access plans through this link: Register Account

After buying your subscription plan you will be redirected to a dedicated page to confirm your payment.

This confirmation it’s only mandatory IF your paypal email is different from the email you’ve used into the site. Otherwise, if you use the same email to buy and register, you just have to wait a few minutes but it can take 24h tops.

If you don’t wanna read this or you just have ignored it and you go to paypal to open a dispute before 24h we will give back your money, but this makes you be banned.

Other things that can make you be BANNED:

• Force login through a page other than the official website login page;
• Trying to login with any word containing the “admin” word;
• Download the same cover several times;
• Distribute our covers in another website;

We don’t sell credits, we sell time, if you have a trip to do or your internet connection was just cut off, it’s not our fault and we cannot restore the days you were offline.

After buying any access plan and your account was upgraded to VIP you can not ask for refunds.