What is Cover Addict VIP about?

Cover Addict VIP is the PREMIUM version of www.cover-addict.com, where you can find our cover portfolio and a lot of free movie covers.

How to download covers from this site?

This is very simple. First, you need to visit our sales plan page and choose the Free account, this level grants you an account on the site but you have no privileges to download anything.
Once you are a registered member, you can consider subscribing to one of our plans.
All plans grant you the possibility to download any cover on the paid time.
After your subscription period over, your status will be back to FREE, and you’ll not download anymore.

The account activation is automatic?

After choose a plan and paid for it you will redirected to a dedicated page with more info and our direct email for any futher explanations.
The activations normally occur in minutes but can take 24h tops, due of the timezone or any other life issues.

Can I add more time to my account before expire?

Yes! Please do this! (lmao)
The whole process is automatic, just increase your subscription or buy another, the period will be added to your account.

Can I buy one subscription plan without Paypal?

If, for any reason, you can not use the Paypal gateway to complete your order, just sent me an email to [email protected], inform me what subscription you want and I will send you our Paypal address for you transfer funds.
In the case you haven’t a Paypal account, there are other ways to be implemented soon, so you will be able to subscribe.