Crater (2023) DVD Cover

Crater (2023) DVD Cover

Crater (2023) DVD Cover. Nurtured amidst the lunar expanse of a mining colony, Caleb Channing finds himself standing at the precipice of permanent relocation to a paradisiacal celestial orb after his father’s untimely demise.

However, prior to bidding farewell to the familiar lunar terrain, an unwavering determination to honor his late father’s final yearnings grips Caleb’s heart. In a bond forged through time and shared experiences, Caleb joins forces with his steadfast companions: Dylan, Borney, and Marcus.

A new luminary, Addison, hailing from the distant confines of Earth, lends her presence to this audacious escapade.

In a daring act that defies conformity, Caleb and his loyal band of confidants commandeer a rover, laying claim to one last exhilarating quest. Their trajectory guides them toward an uncharted destination—a mystical crater that beckons their inquisitive spirits.

Within the unexplored recesses of this enigmatic abyss, their final adventure shall unfurl, unfathomable wonders awaiting their discovery.

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