Chess of The Wind (1976) Bluray Cover

Chess of The Wind (1976) Bluray Cover

Chess of The Wind (1976) Bluray Cover. The majority of the story takes place inside a manor, where a wealthy matriarch has passed away, leaving behind a group of potential inheritors.

The key figures in the story include Lady Aghdas, the deceased woman’s paraplegic daughter who is confined to a wheelchair; Hadji Amoo, her second husband who believes he is entitled to the fortune; and the handmaiden, who unexpectedly becomes very close to Lady Aghdas.

The situation is further complicated by two adopted brothers, the local commissar, who is also vying for Lady Aghdas’s affections, and the family doctor, whose presence only fuels the tension.

As the value of the fortune is constantly assessed and accusations fly back and forth, the presence of jars of acid in the basement raises the stakes and eventually leads to murder becoming a very real possibility.

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