Bosch & Rockit (2022) Bluray Cover

Bosch & Rockit (2022) Bluray Cover

Bosch & Rockit (2022) Bluray Cover. Taking place in the late 1980s, Ocean Boy is narrated from the perspective of a 13-year-old boy named Rockit. He struggles to comprehend why his mother has not returned home and goes on a magical vacation with his father, Bosch, only to realize they are on the run from the authorities.

While on this adventure, Rockit meets Ash Ash, with whom he forms a deep connection and experiences, teenage love. However, it is the ocean that provides him with the sense of security and serenity he desires from his parents.

Throughout the story, Rockit’s bond with nature grows, and as he matures, he captures our hearts and earns our admiration.

The film was shot in the picturesque Byron Bay, against the stunning backdrop of Australia’s famous eastern surf beaches and lush rainforests. Ocean Boy is a candid exploration of the subconscious aspects of parenting, and the underlying themes of love and relationships.

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